• Kayla Lewis

Which Level of Accounting Do You Need?

All about the most important support function!

Bookkeeper: Categorizes Transactions - Maintain your books by categorizing income and expenses based upon the Chart of Accounts implemented by you and your CPA.

Accountant: Should Have an Accounting Degree - Improves and streamlines your processes; prepares your monthly financial statements; creates and maintains accrual schedules.

Tax CPA: Structures Chart of Accounts - You should consult with your Tax CPA to develop a Chart of Accounts conducive to your business and check in annually during tax season.

Fractional CFO: Key Adviser - Forward-looking; uses your business's historical data to project an actionable plan for the future.

Return on investment: Which of the Above Has the Highest ROI? Your CFO will have have the highest ROI because they will add to your strategy rather than simply assist with compliance as the other roles would.

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